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Sister ActSouthKorea Tour

Enesmble, Tina U/S, Assist. Dance Captain


Sister Act” by EMK will be premiered on Nov. 23 and run until Feb. 11 at D-cube Arts Center in Seoul

"This production brings together a blend of Korean and American talent, including the cast from both Broadway and South Korea.'Sister Act' is a very entertaining show with sexy gangsters and singing nuns. But at its heart, it's very, very touching because it's about sisterhood. It's about a community of people supporting one another. -Robert Johanson

Anastasia 2nd National Tour

Swing, U/S Anya, U/S Lily 


Broadway’s got a bright new star – its name is Anastasia.”


Bryan Seastrom and Rebecca Hartman are energetic and likeable as Vlad and his resurgent love interest Countess Lily. Their duet “The Countess and the Common Man” provides great comic relief. 

Hartman, who is actually a swing, went on as Countess Lily on opening night with so much sizzle and pizazz including a rousing, ensemble-leading performance of the splashy song and dance number “Land of Yesterday” 

that it’s hard to believe she was filling in.

—Vince Kanasoot (Stir, Arts & Culture, Vancouver) 

Performances are uniformly terrific. Rebecca Hartman, who played Anya opening night, has a crystalline voice and Disney-princess level spunkiness.

—Len Fonte (

Seastom and Rebecca Hartman were definite crowd favorites [as Vlad and Lily]. Their number, "The Countess and the Common Man," got the crowd riled up and had everyone laughing in a good way from start to finish.

— Alyson Eng (Broadway World)

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